Comfortably Congruent and Symmetrical Self: What does this mean?

These are concepts that explain that when our inside (hopes, dreams, goals, perceptions) match our outward appearance and the face and behaviors we show the world, then we are comfortably congruent and have made ourselves symmetrical, hence our Symmetrical self.  

When we are not congruent or symmetrical, we begin to feel off, we lack motivation, we feel less than what or who we are, we feel and behave out of sorts and it keeps us from striving and thriving. Other people's words, actions and calling on our lives can make us in-congruent and non symmetrical, just as in math and nature, when things are symmetrical they work better, they function better and when things are symmetrical they bring about outward beauty.  

Studies have shown that the more symmetrical a face is to our brain, the more attractive it is.  My job is to bring my clients to a place where they feel comfortably congruent and they are showing the world and  loving within the world as their Symmetrical self.  Many times, as life has beaten us down, we lose focus or our way in becoming those two adjectives/phrases, but with my help, not only will we discover who your symmetrical self is but we will work together to bring him/her our, working the client's goals and plan together to not only bring it out but to KEEP IT OUT and to continually build upon it to become and sustain the best and ultimately the person that they could not find but always saw themselves and wanted themselves to be.